Power Manipulation

Power manipulation is the sabotage of your personal power in order to maintain a relationship. If you find yourself keeping hold of your personal power based on your own choices, decisions and strengths, this can disrupt and threaten your relationships with other people around you, even to a breaking point.
Their power to control and access you is threatened and they can fear they will lose you and instead of putting your interests at heart ahead of their own, they can try and drag you back down into the relationship they had known before with you. Whether they do this consciously or not is of little consequence to you as you listen and think for yourself.

So, have you heard those closest to you saying “you can’t” because they will be threatened if you “can”.

People who genuinely care for you will tell you the truth, even if you don’t want to hear it BUT they will also find a way to help you to get what you want, even if it scares them for you to change. HOWEVER examine their motives and keep your eyes wide open – there is a specific mechanism that people use to infantise you: to treat you as a child, so that you will behave childlike to the authority of their power!!! does this sound familiar to you and your relationships…